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Bu ni Mi wo Sasagete Hyaku to Yonen. Elf de Yarinaosu Musha Shugyou (LN)
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a secret time when there is no one else knows
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If Lightning was really impacted by the miracle curse, the only method to keep her was probably hurting the demon who applied this result on her. It was subsequently not an straightforward point. The prior battles in the snow mountain camp out and in the Northbound Slope got already proven that Elderly Demons were exceptionally challenging foes. When they gone visit go along with the 1st Army, humans may have a better chance of earning the fight. Having said that, as long as they deliberately averted mind-on confrontations, it will be really hard and unsafe to run after and deal with them.
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Right before it retreated, it welcomed Roland by supplying him a nod.
Now, Roland recognized what Pasha meant.
“In a very siege fight on the Ground of Daybreak, ten wounded witches had been rescued because of the reinforcements, but ultimately, none restored from other accidents. Their cuts just could not heal no matter what. All treatment methods had been ineffective to them. As time proceeded to go by, they grew to be less strong from loss of bloodstream along with their wounds obtained affected. They sustained a whole lot prior to loss, as well as 2 of which even decided to do suicide,” Parsha claimed slowly but surely. “This battle transpired so long previously that including the article author in the book did not know numerous details about it, except that it was a terrific event. The phrase ‘the demon’s magical curse’ initial appeared during this narrative.”
To avoid wasting this kind of cursed witch, the Union would be required to obtain and get rid of the Senior Demon who obtained inflicted the curse upon her from among the numerous demons. While doing this course of action, that they had to give up a lot more witches. Apparently, to the Union, conserving a cursed witch had not been actually worth the challenges and sacrifices.
“Ahem— I’m sorry, Your Majesty. Each time she attractions a whole new study thing, she’ll get totally absorbed within the exploration similar to this,” Pasha described having a little embarra.s.sment. “The demon seemed to utilize a curse on Lightning, but she wasn’t inflicted with any severe injury. That’s definitely a uncommon element.”
Now, Roland fully understood what Pasha intended.
To save this type of cursed witch, the Union will have to obtain and get rid of the Senior citizen Demon who obtained inflicted the curse upon her from amongst the a lot of demons. Within this operation, they had to lose even more witches. Seemingly, for that Union, keeping a cursed witch had not been well worth the threats and sacrifices.
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After the minute of considering, Roland mentioned, “In fact, it’s challenging to eliminate the demon, but I’ll never sacrifice any possiblity to overcome Super.”
Nightingale gradually clenched her hands into fists while with a weight of the results versus the cutbacks.
Considering the fact that, to kill the Senior citizen Demon, he will have to system the expedition to Taquila carefully.
“Ahem— I’m sorry, Your Majesty. Every time she destinations a new research target, she’ll get totally consumed during the research similar to this,” Pasha defined using a negligible embarra.s.sment. “The demon appeared to employ a curse on Super, but she wasn’t inflicted with any really serious trauma. That’s really a exceptional matter.”
“What’s she gonna do?” The moment Roland listened to the saying, “research object”, he considered mice used in tests, would you undergo a variety of unjust treatment methods in labs.
Considering the fact that she was able to create on to on the list of Three Chiefs, she need to have been for the top amounts of the Union. But even she had not been able to do something concerning the curse besides recognizing the final result of it.
“…” Pasha continued to be speechless for just a moment. “If this is what you need.”
“Needless to say, they may. If Dementor hadn’t been a complement for any Amazing in durability, it would’ve never brought on such enormous deficits to the Union. However—” Celine paused an instant just before continuous, “Dependant on Lightning’s information, we cannot exclude the opportunity that this demon she fulfilled can be a Magic Slayer. When it is, donning G.o.d’s Gemstones of Retaliation won’t be very helpful.”
He had taken a good look and found so it was about two struggles.
“The result are going to be worse.” Celine suddenly cut off. “The secret electrical power allows witches much better defenses and higher recovery ability, so we won’t be impacted by the demonic plague, which was microbial bacterial infections stated in your publication. As for common people, they’ll quickly kick the bucket from your infection due to the fact their injuries can’t cure up.”
“Make sure you sleep a.s.sured. Paying attention to and documenting are the study procedures we use within secret ability study. With the aid of the secret central, Celine can clearly grab the mobility of Lightning’s magical potential,” stated Pasha while buying the ebooks that fell on the ground. She exposed a manuscript and presented it to every person. “See this in this article… and listed here.”
The more impressive a demon was, the greater number of it will resemble a person. This rule of thumb was affirmed with the Union in the last two Battles of Divine Will.
And that was virtually not possible for those witches inside the Taquila age group.
Older person Demons usually acted combined with their armies. As military services frontrunners, these were often enclosed by numerous demon soldiers. In the past, it had been extremely difficult for those Taquila witches to succeed a combat up against the demons, let alone completely annihilating the adversary troops and becoming near the Older Demons.
He had to go along with Celine with this stage. In accordance with Lightning’s information, this Senior citizen Demon might be stronger than the many foes they may have came across in earlier times.
Nightingale grasped Pasha’s implication and requested, “You said it’s not easy to get rid of it. Will you suggest… there’s still ways to get rid of it?”
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Roland skimmed through the other story. “When Ponds Metropolis was on the line, a witch named Samantha stood out to combat Dementor. On this conflict, she went through a high awakening and have become a Transcendent. Following she cleaved the demon by 50 percent, the curse on the somehow vanished and she miraculously made it through. Samantha attempted her a good idea to protect Lakes Community, only one twelve months afterwards, the metropolis still fell, since the Reddish colored Mist was already too close to the town. Luckily, she obtained the required time for the people to take out from your city. Next, Samantha compelled a significant improvement in the Union and properly designed three of the Chiefs program. She herself was among the first set of Three Chiefs.”
Nightingale fully understood Pasha’s effects and requested, “You mentioned it’s not easy to do away with it. Should you imply… there’s still methods to eliminate it?”
“The result shall be even worse.” Celine suddenly disturbed. “The wonder energy provides witches better protection and increased therapeutic abilities, therefore we won’t be afflicted with the demonic trouble, which had been bacterial bacterial infections stated in the publication. For typical people, they’ll quickly die from your infections considering that their injuries can’t heal up.”
The greater amount of strong a demon was, a lot more it could resemble a human being. This guideline was approved from the Union in the earlier two Fights of Divine Will.
Before it retreated, it welcomed Roland by supplying him a nod.
“Well before we act now, I need to kind some things out. The Senior citizen Demon Lightning come across has the capacity to lay a curse upon anybody without immediate contact. Whether or not this curses a frequent human being, what is going to happen to that person?”
“Please have me.” Pasha transformed around and encouraged everyone into an surrounding cave, the place that the Taquila witches stored guides and scrolls. They had gouged a lot of grooves within the wall space in the cave, also it looked that the selection cave obtained all the more quantities compared to the Secret Temple’s library. “Celine, His Majesty is here.”
Study and Stimulants
“Please remainder a.s.sured. Noticing and saving will be the study solutions we utilize in miraculous ability investigation. By making use of the wonder primary, Celine can clearly record the action of Lightning’s magical power,” explained Pasha while getting the ebooks that declined on the ground. She opened a magazine and showed it to absolutely everyone. “See this in this article… and listed here.”
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“Another portion in which the miraculous curse is stated is at the documents of your combat that occured not that lengthy before. A Older Demon fought a fierce conflict with the witches’ army in Lakes Location, that has been located about the edge of the Rich Plains. It may add its magical ability to dark material spears. After a witch was wounded by such a spear, she would come to be feeble and wither up. The Union termed this terrible monster Dementor.” Pasha paused a minute well before putting, “It murdered three Extraordinaries, and within all three Extraordinaries, the Pursuit Culture observed an unusual miracle energy.”
Pasha changed to the next site and answered, “Of course, if what we’ve inferred from those data is right.”
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“What’s she planning to do?” The minute Roland listened to the term, “review target”, he idea of mice included in experiments, who will go through various unjust therapies in labs.
“Remember to feature me.” Pasha converted around and driven anyone into an adjacent cave, where Taquila witches stashed textbooks and scrolls. They had gouged numerous lines in the wall surfaces of the cave, and it also appeared that it local library cave experienced substantially more quantities than the Key Temple’s selection. “Celine, His Majesty has arrived.”
Pasha transformed to the next web page and solved, “Yes, if what we’ve inferred from these reports is accurate.”

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