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Dragon King's Son-In-Law
A Game To Make Him Fall

NovelDragon King’s Son-In-LawDragon King’s Son-In-Law
Chapter 558 reply pest
Lu Linlin nudged in excess of . “I think Gongzi is more keen on Minor Zhumu . “
“Are you going to . . . leave us?” She pouted .
However, instead of simply being concerned about his personal cultivating pace, he was curious about how he could overcome Xu Ke, who has been already at Dui-degree .
. . . . Hao Ren walked the Lu sisters to their publish-scholar dorm . He possessed only tried it a few times every time they primary enrolled at Eastern side Beach University now, that they had transferred to the Mechatronic Design Plan . Hao Ren went them on the dim, silent road on university toward their dorm, and he suddenly found that he hadnt been spending enough attention to them . Lu Linlin and Lu Lili have been going for walks about the decreased foliage by Hao Rens aspects . They appeared to be quite content about Hao Ren walking them residence . Regardless of what, that designed he cared about them! Gongzi . Lu Linlin broke the silence . Um? Hao Ren looked at her . Do you want to . leave us? She pouted . Hao Ren laughed, Why would I? You two dont actually eat significantly anyways . Ah . Lu Lili couldnt help but laugh . So, it is whats on Gongzis mind! Hao Ren laughed just as before, Fine . I wont assist you to people go . Lu Linlin and Lu Lili looked at him gently . They felt his coldness, however they were still joyful about his remark . They sped up and caught up with Hao Ren . Gongzi . Lu Lili questioned timidly as she went correct beside him, Should you like Large Zhumu more or Little Zhumu additional? . . Hao Ren turned into her . How come you suddenly requesting me regarding this? Lu Lili pouted and mentioned, I believe Gongzi is a lot more interested in Big Zhumu . Lu Linlin nudged through . I do believe Gongzi is much more interested in Little Zhumu . They had diverse thoughts . Hao Ren realized that they have to have created another dull guess . I enjoy you two much more . Hao Ren teased them . Ah . Lu Linlin and Lu Lili were definitely somewhat shocked simply because they didnt find the reply to they were hoping to find . Having said that, these people were content with this solution likewise . There were a storm in the day, nevertheless the nighttime sky was pretty clear . The moon hung up high inside the sky and covered the baseball judge together with the sterling silver lightweight . Lu Linlin and Lu Lili walked on Hao Rens sides . They needed to keep onto Hao Rens hands, but they were actually nervous which it would destroy the pleasant environment . Linlin and Lili, you happen to be both at the middle of-tier Qian-stage? Hao Ren asked . Indeed, Gongzi! they clarified simultaneously . Hao Ren smiled and maintained walking . . . Gongzi, you might reach Dui-stage soon, Lu Linlin stated she tried to you know what was on Hao Rens mind . Without a doubt, Gongzi has become creating very hard, Lu Lili added in . Hao Ren laughed again while he knocked their small fingers in reference to his palms . They were good at calming many others . On the other hand, in lieu of remaining concered about his very own developing speed, he was questioning how he could overcome Xu Ke, who was already at Dui-levels . Lu Linlin and Lu Lilis forearms had been very soft . They kept onto Hao Rens palms happily after Hao Ren knocked their own . Then, they quickly organised Hao Rens forearms . Hao Ren was approximately to drag backside his arm, but he believed two surf of pure five-elemental the outdoors essences slowly moving into his biceps and triceps . Gongzi, cultivating is changing fate . Your system sort is a bit more than ten or possibly a 100 occasions greater than before, in fact it is all owing to your working hard . They claimed with the hands and fingers holding his . Their palms were actually ice cold like jade, and they also produced Hao Ren feel totally at ease . Really, we believe both Massive and Very little Zhumu are incredibly nice, they extended . Hao Ren pinched their smooth hands and took his hands rear . His durability was poor, where there was actually a stack of difficulties for him to handle . He possessed to handle Xu Ke and also the agreement for the Nine Dragon Palace . He would have to think about other things after surviving every one of these . Qiu Niu was the eldest son on the G.o.dly Dragon . Hao Ren wasnt certain that he could experience this ancestor of your dragons . Qiu Niu was Zhen Congmings learn and was prominent to be strange . Even Zhen Congming feared him . Because Hao Ren was just remotely connected with Zhen Congming, Qiu Niu wouldnt let him go conveniently . A ferocious challenge was bound to happen . Alright, Gongzi . It had been our mistake . The Lu sisters secretly glimpsed at Hao Ren and apologized . They thinking he was angry given that he was silent . Nah . Hao Ren smiled at them and patted their heads . While he wasnt angry at them, it was slightly gossipy of these to go about Xie Yujia and Zhao Yanzi . Lu Linlin and Lu Lili caught up out their tongues out and laughed . Hao Ren only lightly patted their heads he wouldnt want to damage them at all . Gongzi, the crimson gold bullion hairpin that Lady Zhen gifted for your requirements is rather potent . Long lasting demon kings are often known as divine demons . These are on the same levels as Heart and soul Development Realm cultivators, and in addition they dont have to abide by the sales of mother nature . They are able to go anywhere below 9th Heaven . I feel Woman Zhen doesnt imply to damage Gongzi, and you should remain cautious . Their affectionate plan didnt training, so they has become chatty yet again . Hao Ren listened as they quite simply went ahead . He predetermined with them from time to time, curious about who this Lady Zhen was . The Demon Sea along with the Dragon Tribe ended up two big energies . The Demon Ocean was in between your four oceans while the Dragon Tribe was responsible for every one of the area and water near the Demon Seas on Primary Heaven . Dragon Tribe appeared to achieve the extreme gain, though the Demon Seas possessed the purest character essences on the globe . How dare you two little girls news about me! Lady Zhens speech originated upon them in the lower sky . Two slim sun rays of azure light taken down coming from the heavens, and also the twins heightened their hands and fingers as much as prevent the sunlight . Even so, they couldnt defend with the two rays of lighting thoroughly . Who stated that I cant get above Ninth Heaven? I gamble your sacred mommy would recall the two of you once I have up there! It was actually Woman Zhens tone of voice . Lu Linlin and Lu Lilis facial looks changed lighter immediately, and in addition they gritted their pearly whites and whipped out their Yin-Yang Bracelets jointly . Then, the bracelets pressed the two blue rays of light-weight back again . Woah . Girl Zhen laughed cheerfully, Hao Ren, I am going to Kunlun Mountain peak for taking lower back something which is owned by me . Care for Zhen Congming while Im apart! Shoo . Heavy clouds taken care of the moon and the stars as Girl Zhen going toward the northwest motion . Lu Linlin and Lu Lili have been blus.h.i.+ng and out from inhalation . They almost couldnt withstand those two rays of light blue lightweight from Woman Zhen . As being the serious clouds dashed apart, the skies higher than the grounds cleared up . Hao Ren didnt even see Girl Zhen via the clouds . She created a excessive sound on intent as she flew towards Kunlun Mountain / hill it appeared like the Soul Growth World cultivator there would quickly maintain trouble . Gongzi . Lu Linlin and Lu Lili checked out Hao Ren just like they planned to say a thing . Good, I wont request a little more about your ident.i.ties . Hao Ren performed their hands and kept taking walks for the posting-graduate dorm constructing . They are likely to stick to me, and that i would like to keep these things by my part . Durability could be the ideal deal breaker… I wouldnt permit them to go, but… . Anything worried Hao Ren, yet still he chosen to move forward for the time being .
They sped up and caught up with Hao Ren .
Lu Lili pouted and stated, “I do think Gongzi is a bit more interested in Massive Zhumu . “
His toughness was weak, and also there had been a pile of problems for him to deal with .
“How dare you two little young girls chit chat about me!”
Hao Ren went the Lu sisters to their publish-scholar dorm . He got only done it several times if they initially signed up at East Seas College or university now, that they had transferred to the Mechatronic Engineering Program .
Lu Linlin and Lu Lili were blus.h.i.+ng and away from inhalation . They almost couldn’t withstand the two rays of violet light from Woman Zhen .
Lu Linlin and Lu Lili walked on Hao Ren’s aspects . They really needed to have onto Hao Ren’s arms, yet they were actually concerned which it would damage the pleasant ambiance .
Lu Linlin and Lu Lili’s hands have been very sleek . They held onto Hao Ren’s hands happily after Hao Ren knocked their own . Then, they quickly kept Hao Ren’s forearms .
“Linlin and Lili, that you are both at medium-level Qian-amount?” Hao Ren asked .
His energy was weaker, and also there had been a heap of trouble for him to address .
Hao Ren laughed, “Why would I? Both of you don’t try to eat a lot anyways . “
Lu Linlin nudged above . “I do believe Gongzi is a bit more partial to Small Zhumu . “
Girl Zhen’s sound emerged upon them through the reduced skies .
“Gongzi . . . ” Lu Linlin shattered the silence .
“Nah . . . ” Hao Ren smiled their way and patted their heads . Even though he wasn’t mad at them, it was subsequently a little gossipy of which to talk about Xie Yujia and Zhao Yanzi .
Hao Ren pinched their sleek hands and had his hands again .
“Gongzi, you might attain Dui-level before long,” Lu Linlin explained she aimed to you know what was on Hao Ren’s imagination .
Lu Lili pouted and mentioned, “I believe Gongzi is much more interested in Huge Zhumu . “
“Gongzi, you will achieve Dui-point quickly,” Lu Linlin said she attempted to guess what was on Hao Ren’s intellect .
“Gongzi, you can attain Dui-level rapidly,” Lu Linlin stated she attempted to do you know what was on Hao Ren’s imagination .
“Good, I won’t request more about your ident.i.ties . ” Hao Ren kept their palms and kept wandering on the post-graduate dorm constructing .
“Nah . . . ” Hao Ren smiled at them and patted their heads . However he wasn’t angry at them, it was a lttle bit gossipy of these to talk about Xie Yujia and Zhao Yanzi .
A tough battle was expected .
“Gongzi, you will achieve Dui-point in the near future,” Lu Linlin reported she made an effort to do you know what was on Hao Ren’s thoughts .
Hao Ren believed that they have to are making another uninteresting bet .
Lu Linlin nudged above . “I think Gongzi is definitely more keen on Very little Zhumu . “
They sped up and caught up with Hao Ren .
They sped up and trapped with Hao Ren .
Hao Ren was about to pull lower back his left arm, but he noticed two surf of 100 % pure five-elemental character essences slowly moving to his biceps and triceps .

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